Department of ExEd & MDP

Department of ExEd & MDP

Department of ExEd & MDP

Department of ExED & MDP handles executive education & MDPs. Department is comprised of seasoned professionals, industry experts, and dedicated educators, our team is committed to delivering a transformative learning experience for participants seeking to enhance their leadership and managerial skills. Our team brings together a blend of expertise, experience, and passion for education to create a transformative learning experience for professionals at all career stages. our MDP team is comprised of accomplished professionals with a wealth of experience in diverse industries.


  1. Prof (Dr.) Abhay Anand Tiwari- Head- ExEd & MDP

As the Head of our Management Development Programs (MDPs), Dr. Abhay Anand Tiwari leads a dynamic team dedicated to delivering transformative learning experiences for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership and managerial skills. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a passion for education, Dr. Abhay Anand Tiwari plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of our MDPs.

Prof Tiwari is a doctorate in psychology in organization behaviour from University of Delhi in the field of organizational behaviour, has over 2 decades of experience in research, teaching, consulting, training and academic administration.

He held senior positions as Dean and Director in prestigious management institutions like IIlM, NDIM, Asia Pacific Institute of Management etc. across Delhi-NCR

His current research interest includes public policy, civil service and leadership studies and optimism. A close associate of corporate functionaries his forte relates to mentoring, management consulting and leadership development extending to an array of industries like IT,Oil,FMCG and hospitality. He has been on the selection boards of Infoys, Indian Oil, Air India, HCL and other major companies.

He is also working in the field of Psychological aspects of human behaviour and mental health.

He chaired prestigious forums and contributed towards sustainable development goals. He has developed several psychometric tools and being reputed in imparting, counselling, education and training schedule amongst the organization and general public to improve life.

In his professional career, he has exhibited a passion for entrepreneurship by empowering youth and developing leaders in different walks of life.

  1. Mukesh Maheshwari- Senior Manager ExEd & MDP

Mr. Mukesh Maheshwari, our Senior Manager, a key architect of our institute’s success. He has 19 years of success in corporate environments, encompassing higher education, training, EdTech and banking sector. Adept at collaborating with diverse internal and external teams and leveraging data-driven insights to drive life time value of customers through tailoring solutions. Expertise in cultivating strategic relationships, driving revenue growth, and developing innovative marketing strategies. 

He is an Engineer from NIT, Jaipur and MBA from FMS (R. A. Podar Institute of Management), University of Rajasthan. He plays a crucial role in steering the organization towards excellence through effective management, strategic planning, and unwavering dedication to our mission.

  1. Sanaa Wilson- Executive ExEd & MDP                         

Ms. Sanaa Wilson, our Executive Management Development Program (MDP), spearheading a transformative learning experience for seasoned professionals aiming to elevate their leadership skills. She plays a pivotal role in designing and delivering high-impact programs tailored for executive growth.